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Are Robot games just coming another gambling game? Gib frustration

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Posted 2021-March-30, 19:17

I have started reporting weird bids from robots (not carding, I would end up doing only that) getting no feedback from BBO. Without ignoring the acknowledgements given in the help section for Gib playing, I cannot prevent myself to think that weird Gib bidding (often shooting a bullet in your own feet) is routinely programed in the AI to encourage you to put another 1.25 USD in the machine, striving to achieve your next level of master point. This is getting very frustrating bridge experience on the long term.

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Posted 2021-March-30, 19:55

You may not be the first to notice interesting bidding behaviour from GIB.
This would be fine if the "interesting bids" were the equivalent to the descriptions in the system notes (
And most of the time, they are - sort of.

One part of GIB where deviations (from 'book' bids) are fairly common is interference over 1NT openings.
GIB commonly has 4/5 (major/minor) when it overcalls 2S or 2H.
I have also seen GIB overcall 2 with a 6322 shape instead of bidding 2 (six-card suit first).
Robot Bridge is a completely different game from "people Bridge". Many "normal" Bridge skills are readily transferable, but there are other things to learn as well.
In robot Bridge, players compete to find new ways to get GIB to put them into the best contract. Or to deceive the trusting robots into making the wrong lead.

There are always new fun bids to discover.
Opening 2 with a nice long diamonds suit is something I just learned a couple of days ago. - and then leaving partner in 2. This was done against me once for 100%, so I tried it out: 100% Posted Image a few days ago.

Completely insane 1NT openings - with singletons or voids - and anywhere between 13 and 18 HCP can (sometimes) be effective.

One thing is for sure, the GIB developers are very hard-working and seem to have little time to respond to all our queries. If they did, it would probably mean that no development at all would occur.

All the same, as someone else once remarked, the good players tend to do well on average, so something must be working - theoretically...
non est deus ex machina; även maskiner behöver lite kärlek, J'ai toujours misé sur l'étrange gentillesse des robots.

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Posted 2021-April-27, 08:04

Hello! My hats off those who do well in robot games. It is, indeed, a different game compared to in-person "human" games.

My problem is that I found I started to semi-consciously transfer robot play to my in-person "human" games, and, of course, doing badly.

So, now, I've cut way back on robot games since I do not want to hurt my play with my human partners. I'm not saying that robot play is "wrong" - it is just a different game (and one I still enjoy for the occasional light play).

Rather, I do not feel that I have the ability to consciously play two different games/systems well, and I congratulate those who do. Best regards.


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Posted 2021-April-30, 01:42

From personal experience you discover robot Bridge then for a little while think this is great. After blowing a load of cash, gambling your house away you decide you prefer social bridge with 3+ friends :) But when Bridgebase starts accepting crypto I may be back :)

I think you need to start worry when they start offering finance to pay off Bridge debts

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