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A new Bridge competition suggestion combining Bridge and writing

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Posted 2020-October-08, 19:09

Here's a suggestion to combine Bridge, commerce, competition and writing.
One of the cheapest and most popular tournaments in BBO world is the MP Daylong number 1. It attracts >1000 players every day. At $0.39 for eight boards with the chance of winning more than ten masterpoints, this is very tempting.
Another quite popular thing is reading and writing on the BBO Forum. Can we combine all these things?

Here's a solution; offer an award for the best piece of writing on the Forum about playing in the MP Daylong No.1. The nature of the prize could be as small as some "free" games - just like in the days of pinball machines: free game for a high score.
Who decides? The readers. We can use the existing upvote mechanism on the Forum.

Who are the final arbitrators? BBO.

You can only count posts about games that are played in the Daylong MP1 that week.
Posts only count once.
Upvotes for comments do not count towards the winner. e.g. "that's not funny" or, "you misspeled misspelled".
Any other rules actual management thinks worthwhile.

  • BBO gets more money
  • The Forum gets livelier with more Beginners and intermediates chatting about their mistakes.
  • People can make new friends and learn more about GIB and how BBO works.

  • Players give money to BBO.
  • People spend more time writing reading and playing Bridge.

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