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We need a royal commission, or a congressional committee! Gold points are clearly making people crazy.

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Posted 2021-July-29, 13:50

Just about time for the last round of a 0-300 game, and one straggler table is still playing. I go and check and see this:

West, declarer in 2NT, has 6 tricks in and is on lead to trick 10.

A full minute passes and they have about 90 seconds left. I'm about to assume that West has the same intermittent net problems I have been having and claim the rest when West springs back to life and plays the 7 to go one down, compressing four winners into one. West took a full minute, possibly more, to carefully consider this play and the 7 was the answer that was chosen.

"Nice try, partner" is the first comment.

I blame gold points.
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Posted 2021-July-29, 14:42

Always nice to see the professionalism of ACBL tournament directors.

Publicly mocking players in your novice sections seems like a great way to grow the game!
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Posted 2021-July-29, 15:08

I can understand concern about a player who plays slowly hoping to gain a trick that way, not about a beginner who simply does not know what to do.

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Posted 2021-July-29, 19:51

maybe old person, maybe mis-click, maybe have sight problem, maybe have illness and hand shake. who has not played the wrong card at one time or other in his bridge life...

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