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Bidding over weak 2M IMPs

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Posted 2020-October-10, 11:56

View Postthepossum, on 2020-October-08, 21:46, said:

thats fine if you want to teach the beginners stuff on this forum Cyber :)

I will make sure only to post the hands I play perfectly in future. There is a tendency of people to make the assumptionthat a mistake means you are beginner - reckon I could teach a fair few players claiming mroe advanced level a few things about how to really play the game, despite not analysing everything to the nth degree and being perfect - I'm more a rubber/IMPs player - you win some - you lose some. Its more fun :)

I kind of don't mind you pointing out errors. But what really bugs me these days is when people who just started the game and are going to beginner classes try and teach me anything, thinking that classes somehow trumps 40+ years of knowledge of the game :)

The other pervasive attitude on this site is - you maye get a good game playing robots or in the beginners lounge and ask for beginner players :)

Actually lets just say the whole world seems to been going that terrible way for years now. You need a degree to deliver takeaway these days

You are an exemplar of why some very experienced players are very bad at the game. You refuse to listen to those whose track record is far better than yours. You take any criticism of any post you make as a personal attack, and respond by trying to savage the critic, even or indeed, based on your long and consistent record here, when they are trying to help you. Note, I am not saying that you should simply agree with the posts of those far more skilled at the game than are you. All of us make mistakes. And good players can disagree about (usually) close decisions, or styles. However, you seem to make no attempt to even try to understand what some of us take significant time to explain. Personally, my explanations, if posted with respect to your posting, are aimed not at you but at the other, more open, posters.

You are clearly not the least bit interested in actually learning to play the game, so it begs the question of why you post here. You rarely, if ever, get positive feedback from any competent player, because your bidding and play ability is so woeful, and (I repeat myself) you display no curiosity about how to be a better player.

In fairness, if you've been a hopeless player for 40 years, while deluding yourself that you are much better than the evidence (provided by you) suggests, you are probably incapable of change. But I'm ever the optimist and, who knows, maybe you'll prove me wrong.

Of course, I expect that naive hope to be dashed by your response to this post, lol.
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Posted 2020-October-10, 14:18

View Postnige1, on 2020-October-09, 12:41, said:

- Assuming "K for count", K seems the best lead -- in theory as well as practice.

Or "K promises A or Q", or whatever.

View Postnige1, on 2020-October-09, 12:41, said:

Was it Bob Hammond's aphorism? "God dealt you AK to save you thinking about what to lead"

I suspect Bob Hamman :)

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Posted 2020-October-10, 15:52

Can we stop this possum bashing please?
It should be obvious to everyone that Possum doesn't like his bidding threads being derailed into a mock-possum's-play thread.

If someone wants to mock bad card play, just open your own thread about the mistakes of Victor Mollo characters.
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Posted 2020-December-23, 07:25

Pass, by elimination. The other "options" (3C, double, 3H) are too flawed, so just pass.

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